Organisational Review with +MORE Business Advisory & Accountancy

Organisational Review:

Unlocking Your Business Potential

At +MORE, we understand that the foundation of an effective and efficient business lies in the clarity of roles and responsibilities. To achieve sustained success and prepare for future growth, an Organisational Review is crucial. Our review service offers a comprehensive assessment of your business’s structure, ensuring that it is efficient for the present and scalable for future expansion.

Organisational Review with +MORE Business Advisory & Accountancy

What is an Organisational Review?

An Organisational Review is a detailed evaluation of your business’s structure, roles, and responsibilities. It involves an in-depth analysis of the current organisation chart to identify potential gaps, redundancies, or inefficiencies. An updated Organisational Chart helps create a clear roadmap for your business’s sustainability, scalability, and potential saleability by visualising essential functions and their corresponding obligations.

How Will an Organisational Review Benefit Your Business?

Engaging in an Organisational Review can transform your business, providing numerous benefits that propel you towards growth and success. Some key advantages include:

Streamlined Operations

A well-defined and updated Organisational Chart helps streamline day-to-day operations, reducing confusion and enhancing overall efficiency.

Clarity of Roles

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities foster better collaboration, communication, and accountability among team members.


An Organisational Review ensures that your business is prepared for future growth, avoiding bottlenecks and obstacles that may arise with expansion.


With a clear understanding of roles, your business can more effectively adapt to changes, seize new opportunities, and navigate challenges.

Talent Management

An Organisational Review allows you to identify skill gaps and align talents to critical roles, promoting employee satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced Performance

Optimised organisational structure increases productivity and improves performance across all business functions.

Preparation for Sale or Succession

A well-structured and updated Organisational Chart enhances the appeal of your business to potential buyers or successors.

When Should an Organisational Review Be Undertaken?

The ideal time to undertake an Organisational Review is when you sense that your business is experiencing communication, decision-making, or growth challenges. It is also beneficial during expansion or organisational changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or new leadership transitions. By proactively reviewing your organisational structure, you can optimally position your business to overcome hurdles and capitalise on new opportunities.

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