Cash Flow Forecasting Services with +MORE Business Advisory

Cash Flow Forecasting:

Plan Your Business’s Financial Future

Why Choose Our Cash Flow Forecasting Service?

Cash Flow Planning is an essential best practice for any business, critical for survival and sustainable growth. By setting cash flow targets and regularly monitoring your cash flow against forecasts, you can predict and manage large cash outflows, adapt to changing business circumstances, and ensure financial stability.

At +MORE, we believe that inadequate cash flow is a symptom of management issues, not the root cause. As trusted advisors, we empower you to look ahead confidently, guiding you to implement effective cash flow maximisation strategies.

Cash Flow Forecasting Services with +MORE Business Advisory

Who Can Benefit from Cash Flow Forecasting?

Our Cash Flow Forecasting service is fundamental for every business owner seeking better decision-making capabilities based on a comprehensive understanding of cash and liquidity. It’s crucial to recognise the difference between profit and cash and the profound impact that improving your Cash Conversion Cycle can have on your business’s overall management and growth.

When Is the Right Time to Engage in Cash Flow Forecasting?

The optimal time to develop your Cash Flow Forecast is before the commencement of the new financial year. However, we offer this service anytime, recognising the value of early implementation. The sooner we complete your Cash Flow Forecast, the quicker we can work together to agree on effective strategies for improvement.

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What Does the Service Include?

We offer two comprehensive service options to suit your needs:

Service One:

Cash Flow Forecast

  • Preparation of a detailed Cash Flow Forecast
  • One-hour Cash Flow Forecast Review meeting to discuss and finalise the Forecast.

Service Two:

Cash Flow Management Coaching

  • Preparation of a detailed Cash Flow Forecast
  • A Cash Flow Management Coaching session, which covers:
    – Discussion and finalisation of the Cash Flow Forecast
    – Identification of your current Cash Conversion Cycle
    – Analysis of potential cash flow problems within your business
    – Setting 12-month and 90-day cash flow improvement goals and actionable steps

Additionally, you’ll receive four quarterly accountability coaching sessions, ensuring the successful implementation of essential cash flow management strategies and achieving your cash flow improvement goals.


Benefits of Cash Flow Forecasting

Engaging in our Cash Flow Forecasting service offers a host of invaluable benefits, including:

  • Improved communication and stronger relationships with financiers and suppliers
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities through a deeper understanding of cash and liquidity
  • Identification of opportunities to avoid late payment penalties and interest from suppliers
  • Clear insights into the key cash flow drivers and Cash Conversion Cycle of your business
  • Ability to predict and plan for significant cash outflows effectively
  • Learning how to monitor actual cash flow against forecasts using your reporting software
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your cash flow requirements are understood and adequately funded
  • Streamlined business processes that maximise cash flow, profit, and overall business value
  • Strategic guidance to achieve your business goals in a controlled and managed manner.

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At +MORE, we help you take charge of your business’s financial future through accurate Cash Flow Forecasting and effective cash flow management strategies. Contact us today to secure your business’s financial stability and growth!