>What our clients have to say:

Paul has been a fantastic support network as a new business owner over the past four years, his ability to break down the jargon into a user-friendly process is commendable. Paul always goes above and beyond for us as a client, providing industry information and changes outside of the required role of our accountant. Fast with communication and completing projects for us, we appreciate the high level of service we receive and would recommend any new business owner starting out to touch base with Paul.

Stephanie Sloan

Director, Top Paddock Consulting Limited

What we value most about working with +MORE is their deep understanding of our business. Their personable and friendly team provides tailored solutions that benefit our operations.
During the COVID-19 affected years when mass gatherings were banned, +MORE was incredibly supportive of our events company, helping us navigate the challenges and ultimately contributing to our survival and continued growth. We would absolutely recommend +MORE to other business owners.

Ted Thorp

Director, The Flagship Events Company

What I value most about working with +MORE is that they are a great sounding board, and I can have honest conversations without judgment. Jason has gone above and beyond by connecting us with valuable valuation contacts at various banks. This connection led to securing funding that fuelled our business growth.

Since working with +MORE, we have added two income streams through self-access storage and kitset offerings, we are on track to increasing our net profit from the last Financial Year, we survived COVID, and we successfully transitioned from an outdated building to a custom-built facility.

I would definitely recommend Jason and the +MORE team to others in business, and I look forward to a long and positive working relationship!

Norma McCarty

Managing Director, Able Spaces

The team at +MORE have always been extremely friendly and professional to deal with, as well as being very approachable and efficient at answering my emails and calls.

They have a way of explaining things so that I can understand, rather than just giving me the figures. I actually look forward to our meetings!

I am so glad I decided to work with them over 10 years ago – they have been there with me every step of the way as my business has grown. I highly recommend +MORE.

Jo Boxall

Owner, Baby on the Move

What we value most about working with +MORE is our unique relationship with them. It goes beyond a mere professional connection and allows for a relaxed approach to addressing matters. This creates an environment of open communication in both directions, leading to positive discussions and favourable outcomes.

One specific outcome we achieved while working with +MORE was successfully navigating a complex merger that spanned almost two years. +MORE consistently provided professional and reliable advice to all parties involved throughout the merger discussions. Clear and concise communication was crucial in managing the expectations and requirements of multiple stakeholders, ultimately leading to a positive outcome. Additionally, +MORE recommended other professional services during the merger process; this speaks to the comprehensive support and assistance offered by +MORE.

We would definitely recommend +MORE to others looking for accountants and business advisors. Working with the team at +MORE makes some of the most important parts of running a business easy. They understand who we are and how we operate and ensure we keep asking ourselves the hard questions to allow us to strive for continual improvement.

Karl Carew

Director, Development Nous

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Collab Digital has been working with +MORE for over two years. We see the +MORE team as a key partner in our business, and we work with them across strategy, compliance, forecasting and much more which gives us complete visibility on business performance. They are visionary and have immense experience, often coming to us with ideas on how to improve. Our understanding of what an accountant is has fundamentally changed since we started working with +MORE. I would certainly recommend them to any business owner seeking to do better.

Brent Ireland

Director, Collab Digital

Since working with the +MORE team, we have a better financial understanding of our business.

What we find most valuable (and something we never received from our previous accountants) is the monthly management meetings to review our financial position. These meetings are a HUGE help and give us better direction and focus on what our next step could and should be. We view Jason and Jeremy from the +MORE team more as our business managers with accounting input!

The reassurance we receive from Jason and Jeremy is invaluable. They are always available via email or text if I need anything or have any questions. Knowing that I can pick the phone up and have a quick convo before buying anything or making any big financial decisions is so helpful.

I would absolutely recommend +MORE to other business owners, especially if they were looking for support in navigating banks and other business finances.

Kylie Gardner

Owner, Gardner Homes

What we value the most about working with +MORE is their extensive knowledge and ability to think outside the box. They have helped us grow at a good pace by providing great advice and support throughout our journey.

Thanks to their assistance, we were able to develop a solid forecast for the first two years of our business. They questioned our methodology, ensuring that any uncertainties or guesses were addressed. This led to a forecast that was accepted by the banks, allowing us to achieve our goals. The team provided accurate projections that justified our investment in new equipment, demonstrating its self-sustainability and affordability. They also played a vital role in facilitating the buyout of my business partner. Above all, they have trained us to understand the financial side of our business, equipping us with the knowledge to work successfully alongside them.

I would highly recommend +MORE to others. The +MORE team genuinely has our best interests at heart and works closely with us to foster growth and success. Their support has been invaluable, and we feel like we have independent guidance at every step. I trust them fully with every decision we make, and they continuously strive to bring out the best in us.

Jacques Theron

Managing Director, Baron Contractors

Jason, Jeremy, and the whānau from +MORE always go the extra mile to ensure we get the support we need. They are always available and responsive, to the extent that I believe there is more of a personal connection with the team. This speaks to how +MORE makes an effort to look after, or ‘manaaki’ their clients.

When we began with +MORE, we had a total staff count of around 5. Since then, over the last five or so years, we have close to 30 staff and over 50 contractors working across the country – a feat that would not have been made possible without the support, advice, financial prudence, and skill of Jason, Jeremy, and the team.

I would absolutely recommend +MORE and have already done so to engage other Māori SMEs with the kind of support we have been fortunate to leverage.

TupuOra is a whānau-focussed organisation, whose kaupapa is to grow (Tupu) the success and wellbeing (Ora) of others through language and culture. As such, we are very much values-based, so we only tend to work with others who share the same values and passion for people and communities as we do. The fact that we have been with +MORE for so long now, speaks to the type of values-based, people-centred organisation or whānau they are.

Kingi Kiriona

Co-founder, TupuOra